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What’s your favorite Wii game so far?

Hi everyone!

Share your favorite Wii game!

I think mine is a cross between Wii Sports and Wii Active.

What are your favorite Wii games?


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Wii Virtual Console Games for July and August

Here is a list of current and future Wii games available on the virtual console from last month through August:

Donkey Kong 3:         500 points

Ninja Commando:      900 points

Gley Lancer:               900 points

Super Fantasy Zone:  900 points

Art of Fighting 2:       900 points

Chase H.Q.              600 points

Coming in August:

Break In:       700 points

Star Parodia:  900 points

Ys: Book I and II:  800 points

More updates to follow…

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Nintendo Wii’s New Motion Plus

A new accessory was recently announced for the Nintendo Wii. It’s called Motion Plus, and it’s an attachment for the Wii remote.

Motion Plus allows for greater motion sensitive controls and responsiveness. It will detect the real time movements of your arm or wrist. While the Wii remote had done a fairly impressive job thus far, the Motion Plus attachment are designed to take controls to the next level.

Motion Plus will be available with Nintendo’s new Wii Sports Resorts game, available in Spring 2009. It will also be sold separately.

I hope it turns out to be as exciting as it sounds…

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Wii Shop Channel Weekly Update

The following games have been added to the Wii Shop Channel this week:


Rated: E for Everyone

700 Points

In Gyrostarr, you are responsible for navigating your ship through several environments, while combating aliens and collecting energy.  In order to activate warpgates to go the next level, you must have collected enough energy.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World

Rating: E for Everyone

500 points

Sixteen levels of fun and adventure await for you on Alex Kidd.  The goal is to find your lost brother while dealing with Janken the Great and his minions.  Janken the Great will try everything to prevent you from continuing the search for your brother.

Burning Fight

Rated: E for Everyone

900 points

Duke, Ryu, and Billy are three detectives that must fight their way to locate Casterora.  Casteora is the evil leader who has created a world-wide criminal organization.  Casterora must be stopped.

Trivia note: One of the detectives, Duke Edwards also made several notable appearances in the following games:

The King of Fighters 2000

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum

For more detailed information on the above games, visit your Wii Shop Channel today.

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Wii Fit Yoga and Combining Exercises

Often while doing Wii Fit yoga, you will see a message that encourages you to combine a yoga pose with another activity. At first, I thought this meant you could do two yoga poses back to back. The only problem was that I could not figure out how to make that happen.

When I saw the same question on my earlier Wii Fit Yoga post, I decided to investigate.

Today, after I finished the warrior pose, a message popped up saying that I should combine the Warrior pose with the lunge. I kept thinking the lunge was a type of yoga pose, perhaps one I hadn’t unlocked.

However, the lunge is in located in the strength training category. The lunge and the warrior pose work on the same areas, so therefore your trainer lets you know they are good exercises to do together.  This is good to know, however, I wish the Wii Fit provided a way to make this happen without having to go back to the main menu.

All in all, I do enjoy knowing which strength training exercises and yoga poses are nice combinations. It’s something I had not thought about until now.


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Wii Fit Video Clip: Tightrope Walk

Have you tried the Wii Fit Tightrope walk yet? It’s not as easy as it looks, as I found out today…

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Nintendo Wii Search: Day 3

This is a three part blog post about my search for the Wii, a few weeks after it launched.

Day 3, Wednesday:

9:00 AM:     Today started the same as Monday and Tuesday. I arrived at the store, created a list, and waited as more people arrived.

11:00 AM:   I didn’t know you could fit that many people in GameStop!

12:00 PM:   Delivery Time!  SCORE! The Wii had arrived! 

12:05 PM:   The store manager reads my name first off of the list, and in my relief and exctiemnt, I could not get to the counter fast enough!

12:10 PM:   As I thanked the store manager and made my way out, I heard a bit of commotion by the second person in line.  It was the same woman who laughed at me the previous day for buying thre remotes before buying the Wii.

She angrily asked the sales manager, “What do mean you don’t have any extra Wii remotes?  I need extra remotes, how can you not have any?”

12:15 PM:  I smiled and thought, “Who’s laughing now…”      🙂

The best tip for guaranteeing a video game console? Pre order! However, even this can fall through on occasion. If you preorder, make sure to keep your receipt.

The search for the Nintendo Wii can be exhausting, but it is well worth it, otherwise I wouldn’t be so passionate about this Wii Scoop blog!

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