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Nintendo Wii’s New Motion Plus

A new accessory was recently announced for the Nintendo Wii. It’s called Motion Plus, and it’s an attachment for the Wii remote.

Motion Plus allows for greater motion sensitive controls and responsiveness. It will detect the real time movements of your arm or wrist. While the Wii remote had done a fairly impressive job thus far, the Motion Plus attachment are designed to take controls to the next level.

Motion Plus will be available with Nintendo’s new Wii Sports Resorts game, available in Spring 2009. It will also be sold separately.

I hope it turns out to be as exciting as it sounds…


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Nintendo Wii Search: Day 1

The Nintendo Wii continues to be a hard to find item in the United States and beyond.

My search for the Nintendo Wii console involved many phone calls, web surfing, and talking with local game store employees.

After days of researching, I spoke with a very helpful GameStop employee on a Saturday afternoon.  He informed me that they were indeed expecting a shipment of Wii consoles over next week. He also mentioned that their daily shipments arrive around noon.

I took this helpful information, and formed my game plan. Here is what happened over the next week of my intense GameStop “please have a Wii come in today” search:

Day 1, Monday:

7:30 AM:  Drove by GameStop at and did not see anyone out in front of the store. I knew at that moment that sometime that week, I would obtain one of the Wii consoles from that store. I just had a feeling…though that feeling had been wrong in the past!

9:00 AM:  GameStop opens. The store manager kindly let me wait inside of the store, as it was a chilly 32 degrees outside. He was extremely polite, and we had fun conversations about the Wii and video games in general while I waited…for three hours.

9:30 AM:  People started coming in every five to ten minutes asking if they have any Wii’s in stock. As they heard the news that there may be a shipment of Will consoles coming to GameStop, some left saying they’d come back later. A few people decide to wait with me, and that’s when I got a little nervous. I didn’t want to get in the middle of any mad dashes like you often hear about.

9:45 AM:  I asked the store manager if I could create a list, so that the people that were going to wait for three hours would have the first chances to purchase the Wii console.

10:00 AM:  Our newly created list of those who were waiting it out in the store now has ten people on it.

11:30 AM:  The list now stands at 20 people, all in the store! It was crowded, but the excitement was building.

12:00 PM:  Delivery time! Everyone held their breath as the delivery was pushed to the back.

12:03 PM:  No Wii systems today. None. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Sigh…

12:05 PM:  Decided to come back and do it all over again on Tuesday

Coming up next:  My Nintendo Wii Search, Day Two…

Feel free to post your own Wii search experiences and tips in the comment section!

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The Wii News Channel–Great for You and Your Kids!

The Nintendo Will is known for its excellent interactive gaming capabilities. However, it should also be noted that Nintendo has created an amazing way to keep you in touch with the latest headlines.

It’s called the News Channel, and it features the latest headlines on the following topics:

  • National News
  • International News
  • Sports
  • Business
  • Science/Health
  • Arts/Entertainment
  • Technology

The News Channel even has a slide show complete with a global map. The headlines scroll across the bottom of your screen, and the map automatically shifts to the city, state, or country from where the article subject originates.

As I was viewing today’s slideshow, the Associated Press headline read:  “Intel Unveils Chip at Taiwan Tech Show” and the map seamlessly shifted from the United States to Taiwan.  For the record, it was a very interesting story.

If you have kids that are not crazy about current events, this just might peak their interest.  If you’re looking to catch up on the latest headlines before it hits your newspaper, the Wii News Channel is where your Mii should be.

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Wii Scoop Blog Review: Wii Sports

If you are thinking about purchasing a Will, but worried how much additional games will cost, you can stop worrying. Wii Sports comes with the Wii consoles, and will keep you and/or your kids occupied for quite a while!

Wii Sports contains five games:

  • Tennis
  • Boxing
  • Golf
  • Baseball
  • Bowling

Here are a few facts about each game:

Tennis:  Up to four players can play (you will need four Wii controllers).  As you, or your Mii play, other Miis will cheer for you on the sidelines.  It’s pretty realistic, and the sound effects are excellent. So excellent that my dog always thinks there is an actual ball being hit, so he runs around the living room in frenzy.

Baseball:  You will be batting and pitching during this game, but the Miis will run from base to base on their own. When batting, the Wii will let you know if you swung too early or too late. As you play, you’ll notice other players on your team are from the Mii characters you crated. The cheering crowd adds a fun element to this game.

Bowling:  When bowling, you can move your Wii right, left, front and back depending on how many pins you are trying to knock down. You will be bowling alongside other Miis, and the Miis that you created will be behind you cheering you on. Make SURE that your writs strap is securely fastened around your wrist. I sound like the Wii’s warning message, but it’s very easy to accidently let the remote go flying out of your hand and into the TV. Not that I’d know anything about that…:)

Golf:  In golf, you can play a 3 hole or 9 hole game, at the beginner, intermediate, or expert level. The graphics are pretty incredible on this game. You can select from a driver, wedge, iron, or putter. The nice thing about golf is that you are able to take some practice swings before each hole. Trust me, that comes in handy. Golf has some nice extras such as a course map, wind direction, and it tells you how many yards you hit your ball, and how far you have to go.

Boxing:  This is fun game to get frustrations out. Now your kids can box each other’s Mii characters, and not each other! You see lots of fellow Miis in the crowd. The boxing game offers tips on punches and protecting yourself from the other Mii’s punches coming at you.

All in all, the Wii Sports games are fun for all ages. The graphics, sound effects, and realistic aspects of the games will keep you entertained for quite some time.

Coming up next: Tips on how and where to find your Wii system and games, both online and off, along with lots more game reviews…

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