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What Would You Like to See on this Wii Scoop Blog? :)

Thank you to everyone who has posted on this blog!  I had no idea how many people would be posting here!

I’ve learned so much from you, and hope I’ve provided you with some good information as well.

I’d love your input as to how I can make this blog even better.  Wii fit running and Wii fit yoga are popular topics on this blog.  As we continue to talk about those two fun features of the Wii fit, what else would you like to see featured on this Wii blog? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you again for posting on my “WiiScoop” blog! I started this blog as a hobby, and am just so happy to see there are others here that like the Wii just as much as I do! 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! 

Happy Gaming,



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Does Anyone Else Have This Problem???

The problem being, a huge, friendly, overly eager dog that wants to participate in the Wii Fit activities with you?  🙂

I should get extra points for trying to keep him off of the Wii Fit board and work out at the same time, right?  🙂

What’s really funny is watching him try to chase the tennis ball when we play Wii Tennis. It sounds so realistic that he runs around the living room looking for them, lol!

Of course, then I feel bad because tennis balls are his favorite toy in the world, so we end up going in the back yard where he can chase the real thing.

Needless to say, a game of Wii Tennis takes a bit longer at our house!

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The Wii Fit…Nintendo’s Best Yet!

Hey Wii buddies!

I have spent twenty minutes playing the new Wii Fit, and let me tell you, it’s simply amazing. I am going to play some more, but just had to get back and let you all of you know how wonderful it is—plus some tips I’ve already learned.

The Wii Fit game that comes with the Wii fit board features four exercise categories:

1.       Yoga

2.       Strength Training

3.       Aerobic

4.       Balance Games

All of the activities and games help you improve your fitness level. And, let me tell you—it is so much fun!

In the coming days, I’ll be blogging about all of the cool features of the Wii Fit, plus talking about some my favorite (and not so favorite) Wii games.  I’ll have tips for taking care of your Wii console, remotes, games, and accessories.

I can’t wait to read your comments and blogs, and look forward to sharing our Wii experiences!

My first experience on the Wii fit was with the Wii running game….coming next on the Wii Scoop blog!

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Wii Scoop Debuts with the Wii Fit!

Welcome to Wii Scoop–your blog for Wii News and Reviews!

What better day to introduce my Wii blog than on the “Wii Fit” release day?!!

In  a few short hours, I will have the Wii Fit in my hands, and I’ll let you know ALL about it!

In the next few weeks, I’ll be posting reviews of wii games, and talking with you about all things Wii.

Back soon with the scoop on the Wii Fit!


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