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What Would You Like to See on this Wii Scoop Blog? :)

Thank you to everyone who has posted on this blog!  I had no idea how many people would be posting here!

I’ve learned so much from you, and hope I’ve provided you with some good information as well.

I’d love your input as to how I can make this blog even better.  Wii fit running and Wii fit yoga are popular topics on this blog.  As we continue to talk about those two fun features of the Wii fit, what else would you like to see featured on this Wii blog? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you again for posting on my “WiiScoop” blog! I started this blog as a hobby, and am just so happy to see there are others here that like the Wii just as much as I do! 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! 

Happy Gaming,



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Wii Fit Yoga and Combining Exercises

Often while doing Wii Fit yoga, you will see a message that encourages you to combine a yoga pose with another activity. At first, I thought this meant you could do two yoga poses back to back. The only problem was that I could not figure out how to make that happen.

When I saw the same question on my earlier Wii Fit Yoga post, I decided to investigate.

Today, after I finished the warrior pose, a message popped up saying that I should combine the Warrior pose with the lunge. I kept thinking the lunge was a type of yoga pose, perhaps one I hadn’t unlocked.

However, the lunge is in located in the strength training category. The lunge and the warrior pose work on the same areas, so therefore your trainer lets you know they are good exercises to do together.  This is good to know, however, I wish the Wii Fit provided a way to make this happen without having to go back to the main menu.

All in all, I do enjoy knowing which strength training exercises and yoga poses are nice combinations. It’s something I had not thought about until now.


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Wii Scoop Blog Review: Wii Fit Yoga

Hello Wii buddies! I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday weekend!

My internet service went down last night, so that’s why this blog is a bit late.

Yesterday I tried out the Wii Fit Yoga exercises.

I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. Yoga poses in general seemed odd to me, and I couldn’t understand the benefits.

I tried some of the yoga poses, and was pleasantly surprised at how good I left after a few exercises.  It’s made me more open to the idea of learning more about yoga, through my Wii Fit trainer. I think I need to come up with a name for him—any ideas??

Some poses are harder than others, and the trainer said it was ok to hold on to an object or person while learning the poses. 

All in all, I look at Yoga in a new light thanks to the Wii Fit. I think you will, too!

Coming up Next…I review the Ski Jump and the Ski Slalom!

Now…what should I name my Wii Fit Trainer? Post your ideas in the comment section below!  J

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