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What Would You Like to See on this Wii Scoop Blog? :)

Thank you to everyone who has posted on this blog!  I had no idea how many people would be posting here!

I’ve learned so much from you, and hope I’ve provided you with some good information as well.

I’d love your input as to how I can make this blog even better.  Wii fit running and Wii fit yoga are popular topics on this blog.  As we continue to talk about those two fun features of the Wii fit, what else would you like to see featured on this Wii blog? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you again for posting on my “WiiScoop” blog! I started this blog as a hobby, and am just so happy to see there are others here that like the Wii just as much as I do! 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! 

Happy Gaming,



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Luigi Sighting on Wii Fit Run!

Anyone else have any Nintendo character sightings?  🙂


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I found Mario on the Wii Island!

Have you found any of the other Nintendo characters? There are fifteen to be found on the Wii Fit Island!

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New Wii Fit Island Running Tip!!

Thanks to BB who posted in the comment section on my earlier Wii Fit Running blog the following tip:

If you pass the running guide, and then follow the dog, you will go on an entirely different path, and get to see more of the island. I tried it out today, and it’s really cool!

Thank you for the tip!  🙂

Also, have any of you seen the characters from previous Nintendo games? They are:

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Star
  • Mushroom
  • Goomba
  • Toad

There are fifteen of them all throughout Wii Fit Island.  I think it’ll be fun trying to find them, and thanks to the tip above, we have more places to look!

Any other tips or secrets that you have discovered on the Wii Fit?



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Hula Hoops, and Your Wii Fit Thoughts

Today I unlocked the Super Hula Hoops game in the Wii Fit Aerobics category.  Both of the Hula Hoop games are fun, and give your legs a nice workout.  As you are Hula Hooping, two other Miis throw their own Hula Hoops towards you. You have to lean in and hold still (but not still enough so that you drop your own Hula Hoop).

The super Hula Hoops game has two rounds. The first round you hula hoop to the right, and the second round you hula hoop to the left. I was much better at going to the right than the left.

At first, I really stunk at this, lol! The hoops would literally hit my Mii right in the head.

My husband threatened to film me doing this exercise, and put it on my blog! Yikes-I quickly reminded him that two can play that game!  

New feature on the Wii Scoop Blog-Your Scoop!

Give me your scoop on how much you like the Wii Fit? What are your favorite features? What are you least favorite?  


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New Feature Unlocked on Wii Fit Running: Free Run!

Hi Wii Buddies!

I was going to blog about the Wii Fit Strength Training exercises today, however, I just unlocked a feature I had to tell you about:

Free Run!

The Wii Fit running game is located in the Aerobics category. After you go through so many activities, new ones are opened up. 

Free Run lets you change the channel on your TV as you still participate in the Wii Fit Running game! Yes, that’s right-you can literally watch your favorite TV shows while running in place in your living room.

All you have to do is place the Wii remote in your pocket or simply hold it in your right hand.

You will hear the sounds of your Will running through the Wii remote, and you will hear it as you get faster or slower (just like you were watching it on the screen). You will occasionally hear a voice through the Wii remote telling you to keep a steady pace, or that you’re keeping a nice pace. The voice will also let you know when it’s been five minutes, and then at two minutes, one minute, and then down to ten seconds, etc.

The voice is not too loud so that you don’t hear your television.

Are you tired of running in place? I got a little tired of running in place, too. Not tired from the running, just…bored?  However, I went back to my high school days of playing tennis, and remembered all of the exercises we’d do on the court. For example, we did exercises such as running forward and backward on the court, side to side on the court, crossovers, etc.

It’s made a huge difference, and I feel like I am more apt to do another run or a longer run if I vary my routine. Sometimes I run in place, and sometimes my living room turns into a mini tennis court. I can almost imagine all of the lines on the court that I spent many times running back and forth, back and forth.

Sometimes I love watching the Mii’s running through the beautiful scenery, along with the cute dogs. Other times, after the Wii music has been playing through my head all day, I can simply watch a favorite TV program and still get the benefits of the Wii running game.

Coming up next on WiiScoop:

I’ll be blogging about the Wii Fit Strength Training exercises, along with one of my favorite games: Wii Sports! !



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Wii Scoop Blog Review: Wii Fit Running


As I was exploring all of the unbelievable features of the Wii Fit, I tried out the Wii Running game, located in the Aerobics category.  This exercise is available right when you first start the game, and you can increase the time, difficulty, and scenery the more you play.

Now, I’m not in the best of shape, but I’m  aiming to get there! I was a little nervous about the running part.  But I didn’t have to be nervous at all! It was so much fun…almost like I was a character in the video game. Let me explain:

First, you can move the Wii Fit board out of the way. Then, put your shoes on–I used my walking/running shoes. Nintendo suggests you remove shoes and socks when using the board. However, for the running exercise, I took away the board,  and had my entire living room space, as you do not need the board for this exercise.  Plus, I think it’s much easier on the joints to have shoes on (or maybe I’m just getting old, lol).  🙂 

Just be sure to take your shoes and socks off when you want to play any other Wii Fit games.

Second,  I was given instructions to run in place and to follow the Wii guide.  I jogged in place, and as I did, my Wii ran ahead.  My Wii guide would look back and wave, and off we went running throughout some beautiful places on the Wii Fit Island. Other Wii’s joined us, including those from our own Wii family.  Also, there were lots of dogs running along with us.

Speaking of dogs….

Thanks to a helpful comment from someone here on the WiiScoop Blog, I learned that when the dog passes you, if you run past your instructor and follow the dog, you’ll go on an entirely different path! The first time I tried this, I tripped and fell flat on my face. My guide told me it was because I was not keeping an even pace.  Once my pace evened out, and I passed the guide, the dog led me on a new path. It was a lot of fun, and helped break up the routine. 

The Wii Fit running game will tell you if you are running at an uneven pace, or going too fast, as mentioned above. It encourages you do to all of the things we know we should be doing, but that are easy to forget.  Sure enough, at the end of the race, I received a reminder that read,  “Don’t push yourself too hard!”

Being on Day 1, I really appreciated the reminder. It’s hard not to go overboard when you are so excited about making healthy changes in your life, and getting fit.  However, the Wii Fit makes it possible to keep you in check, so to speak, but in a friendly, non-angry gym instructor kinda way.

I can’t wait to see the tips I receive as I graduate to more advanced levels. Perhaps I’ll get to a level that will have the Wii guides and dogs following me!  J

Two final tips about the Wii Fit running game

1.     Wii Fit Running has a two player option. Details coming soon!

2.       Here are some of the places you’ll visit as you do a virtual/realistic run on the Wii Fit Island:

  • Summit Lake
  • Rocky Peak
  • Summit Falls
  • Crystal River
  • Windmill Hill
  • Seagull Point
  • Mountain Tunnel
  • White Sand Beach
  • Camel Rock
  • Harbor Bridge



I know it will take more than 20-30 minutes on the Wii to reach my personal fitness goals, but it’s given me a great start. I even tried Yoga for the first time…and you’ll hear all about that on tomorrow’s blog!

Coming up this weekend:  Reviews of the Wii Fit Ski Salome, Table Tilt, Soccer Heading, and more…

What are your experiences with Wii Fit? Post your thoughts in the comment section below!




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