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Wii Virtual Console Games for July and August

Here is a list of current and future Wii games available on the virtual console from last month through August:

Donkey Kong 3:         500 points

Ninja Commando:      900 points

Gley Lancer:               900 points

Super Fantasy Zone:  900 points

Art of Fighting 2:       900 points

Chase H.Q.              600 points

Coming in August:

Break In:       700 points

Star Parodia:  900 points

Ys: Book I and II:  800 points

More updates to follow…


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Do you remember Excitebike from the 80’s?

Thanks to the Wii, you can download it and other oldies but goodies to your Wii system.

I love this game now as much as I did back in the 80’s!

When my husband and I showed our nephews some of the games we played as kids, they were not exactly amused, lol!  They lost interest after about three minutes, at which point the politely said, “Can we please play some Wii games now?”

I’m thrilled Nintendo has come as far as it has, and still managed to hang on to some of my childhood favorites.

To see some of Nintendo’s past games, visit your Wii Shop Channel, and click on Virtual Console. You can search by popular titles, newest additions, category, or game title.

What are your favorite early Nintendo games?



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