What’s your favorite Wii game so far?

Hi everyone!

Share your favorite Wii game!

I think mine is a cross between Wii Sports and Wii Active.

What are your favorite Wii games?


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    Candace said,

    Just got my Wii Fit set up, having just got home with it from my Christmas with the family. The whole things is very cool. I’m a tennis player so I enjoy the tennis game and the tennis training routines on the original disk. Ordered the Prince racquet and Virtua tennis and bought a remote with motion plus. Can’t wait to use it on rainy days when I can play for real.

    Tried out the balance board also today. I can see the potential for improving my balance with the yoga, something I’ve never done before, so the virtual instruction is great. The aerobics seems a bit mild, but adding the step elevation attachments I saw in the store would help the intensity. I’m not so comfortable working out in bare feet, however. I have arch issues so doing the aerobics barefooted could be a problem. I’ve read that the running activities are done without the board so you can wear shoes which is really important.

    Hope to see more posts on this blog.

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      wiiscoop said,

      Hi Candace!

      Thanks so much for posting! 🙂

      Congrats on getting the Wii Fit! I do understand about using the balance board with aerobics and bare feet–it took me a while to get used to it.

      Once I did, it was much easier. And you’re absolutely correct–for the running part, they tell you to move the balance board out of the way (making sure you have your remote in hand or in your pocket), and you can wear whatever running/walking shoes you prefer.

      I’ve also enjoyed the game called “Wii Active”–it’s got great exercises and games, and you don’t have to use the balance board.

      I love the tennis game on the original Wii Sports disk. The only problem is that my dog hears the tennis ball going back and forth, and thinks the Wii’s “tennis ball” is actually one bouncing around our living room. It’s cute and frustrating all at the same time! 🙂

      I’d love to hear how you like the Virtua Tennis for the Wii, along with the new motion plus remotes! I’ve been looking for a new Wii game, and am thinking that may be the next one.

      Thank you again for posting!

      I can’t wait to hear about other Wii favorite games!

      Have a great night! 🙂

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    Buy 3DS said,

    So far my fav wii gams are New Super Mario Bros and Red Steel. Wii sports has created many amazing memories too!

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