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Nintendo Wii’s New Motion Plus

A new accessory was recently announced for the Nintendo Wii. It’s called Motion Plus, and it’s an attachment for the Wii remote.

Motion Plus allows for greater motion sensitive controls and responsiveness. It will detect the real time movements of your arm or wrist. While the Wii remote had done a fairly impressive job thus far, the Motion Plus attachment are designed to take controls to the next level.

Motion Plus will be available with Nintendo’s new Wii Sports Resorts game, available in Spring 2009. It will also be sold separately.

I hope it turns out to be as exciting as it sounds…


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E3 Nintendo Wii News!!

Just announced at the E3 conference, the following new Wii games are coming your way:

Fall 2008:

  • ┬áRayman Raving Rabbids TV Party (balance board compatible)

Holiday 2008:

  • Star Wars-The Clone Wars
  • Wii Music

Coming in 2008 (no exact date as of yet):

  • Animal Crossing City Folks

Spring 2009:

  • Wii Sports Resorts

More detailed information of follow, including information on the new Motion Plus!

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