Nintendo Wii Search: Day 3

This is a three part blog post about my search for the Wii, a few weeks after it launched.

Day 3, Wednesday:

9:00 AM:     Today started the same as Monday and Tuesday. I arrived at the store, created a list, and waited as more people arrived.

11:00 AM:   I didn’t know you could fit that many people in GameStop!

12:00 PM:   Delivery Time!  SCORE! The Wii had arrived! 

12:05 PM:   The store manager reads my name first off of the list, and in my relief and exctiemnt, I could not get to the counter fast enough!

12:10 PM:   As I thanked the store manager and made my way out, I heard a bit of commotion by the second person in line.  It was the same woman who laughed at me the previous day for buying thre remotes before buying the Wii.

She angrily asked the sales manager, “What do mean you don’t have any extra Wii remotes?  I need extra remotes, how can you not have any?”

12:15 PM:  I smiled and thought, “Who’s laughing now…”      🙂

The best tip for guaranteeing a video game console? Pre order! However, even this can fall through on occasion. If you preorder, make sure to keep your receipt.

The search for the Nintendo Wii can be exhausting, but it is well worth it, otherwise I wouldn’t be so passionate about this Wii Scoop blog!


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