Nintendo Wii Search: Day 2

This is a three part blog post about my search for the Wii, a few weeks after it launched.

Day 2, Tuesday:

9:00 AM:   Showed up as the store manager arrived.  I asked (with a little begging) if I could wait inside for Tuesday’s delivery, with a list.  He again kindly said yes.

9:05 AM:    The word has gotten out, as the list had five people on it.

10:00 AM:  Twenty people, many from the day before, were now on the list. 

10:30 AM:  More people wandered inside of the store, put their name on the list and said they would “drop in” around lunchtime.  20 of us who had been waiting since kindly informed them that if they wanted their name to remain on the list, they had to wait in the store.  Several got very angry and stormed out.  We weren’t trying to be rude, but this was the best system for those that were committed to waiting in the store every since it opened that morning.

11:00 AM:   A Nintendo representative arrives to set up the store’s Wii console.  He was so nice, and let us play the Zelda game. He taught us how to use the controls, and provided some other tips about our wait for the Wii. 

One such tip was that there were rumors that the Wii remotes and nunchucks may arrive before the actual Wii systems arrived. He said it might be wise to purchase an extra control or two, today, as there had been quiet a shortage of them lately. The Wii comes with one remote and one nunchuck, but in order to play against others, you need extra controls.

12:00 PM:  Delivery Time! And, no Wii consoles…but there were Wii remotes, just like the Nintendo representative said!

12:05 PM:  I purchased extra Wii controllers for my family and friends.

12:10: PM: One woman laughed at me, saying, “Who buys controls for a system you don’t even have? That’s just ridiculous!”  

12:11 PM:  I thought to myself, “Those who have just spent the past hour talking with a Nintendo representative, that’s who!”

Coming up Next: My Search Continues on Day 3

Feel free to post your own Wii search experiences and tips in the comment section!


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