Hula Hoops, and Your Wii Fit Thoughts

Today I unlocked the Super Hula Hoops game in the Wii Fit Aerobics category.  Both of the Hula Hoop games are fun, and give your legs a nice workout.  As you are Hula Hooping, two other Miis throw their own Hula Hoops towards you. You have to lean in and hold still (but not still enough so that you drop your own Hula Hoop).

The super Hula Hoops game has two rounds. The first round you hula hoop to the right, and the second round you hula hoop to the left. I was much better at going to the right than the left.

At first, I really stunk at this, lol! The hoops would literally hit my Mii right in the head.

My husband threatened to film me doing this exercise, and put it on my blog! Yikes-I quickly reminded him that two can play that game!  

New feature on the Wii Scoop Blog-Your Scoop!

Give me your scoop on how much you like the Wii Fit? What are your favorite features? What are you least favorite?  



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  1. 1

    Karen said,

    I love the Wii Fit! My favorite is the step. I could have an entire game of that!

  2. 2

    wiiscoop said,

    Hi Karen!

    I love the step too! Have you done the advanced step yet? I’m trying to master the first one before going to the advanced.

    Sometimes right when I think I’m following the pattern down to the T, I realize all of the Miis went to the right and I’m all the way over to the left, lol!

    Oh well, practice makes perfect, right? 🙂

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