New Feature Unlocked on Wii Fit Running: Free Run!

Hi Wii Buddies!

I was going to blog about the Wii Fit Strength Training exercises today, however, I just unlocked a feature I had to tell you about:

Free Run!

The Wii Fit running game is located in the Aerobics category. After you go through so many activities, new ones are opened up. 

Free Run lets you change the channel on your TV as you still participate in the Wii Fit Running game! Yes, that’s right-you can literally watch your favorite TV shows while running in place in your living room.

All you have to do is place the Wii remote in your pocket or simply hold it in your right hand.

You will hear the sounds of your Will running through the Wii remote, and you will hear it as you get faster or slower (just like you were watching it on the screen). You will occasionally hear a voice through the Wii remote telling you to keep a steady pace, or that you’re keeping a nice pace. The voice will also let you know when it’s been five minutes, and then at two minutes, one minute, and then down to ten seconds, etc.

The voice is not too loud so that you don’t hear your television.

Are you tired of running in place? I got a little tired of running in place, too. Not tired from the running, just…bored?  However, I went back to my high school days of playing tennis, and remembered all of the exercises we’d do on the court. For example, we did exercises such as running forward and backward on the court, side to side on the court, crossovers, etc.

It’s made a huge difference, and I feel like I am more apt to do another run or a longer run if I vary my routine. Sometimes I run in place, and sometimes my living room turns into a mini tennis court. I can almost imagine all of the lines on the court that I spent many times running back and forth, back and forth.

Sometimes I love watching the Mii’s running through the beautiful scenery, along with the cute dogs. Other times, after the Wii music has been playing through my head all day, I can simply watch a favorite TV program and still get the benefits of the Wii running game.

Coming up next on WiiScoop:

I’ll be blogging about the Wii Fit Strength Training exercises, along with one of my favorite games: Wii Sports! !




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  1. 1

    Michele said,

    Do you know if it’s possible to control where you run in the free run? I was looking forward to exploring the island, but I couldn’t seem to control my direction.

    • 2

      Anonymous said,

      if you go into the modes with the guides you can explore… like i’ve been to the top of the moutain and through the wind generaters.

  2. 3

    wiiscoop said,


    I wish it was possible to control where you run in the free run. I was hoping to explore the island too, and not just on the running trail.

    So far, I don’t think that you can. However, I’m wondering if another activity might open up, something along the lines of “Free Run and Explorer”…

    I’m working on a review for a game called “We Ski”. This is a seperate game for the Wii, and you can use the Wii Fit Balance Board (but you don’t have to). This game lets you ski ALL OVER the slopes, and there’s lots of hidden trails.

    I will add some screen shots when I put up the review. It’s pretty cheap too, and your legs get a great workout. 🙂

  3. 4

    bb said,

    Yes, if you pass your mii guide when a dog comes up behind you it takes you on a different path, different color dogs take you diff places, one takes you through town and past fountrains, one takes you up to the village and through windmills, another takes you over a rope bridge up in the mountain, and another winds up at the lighthouse.

  4. 5

    wiiscoop said,

    BB–thank you so much for posting this! I am going to try it again.

    Have you ever been tripped by running past the dog? I’m thinking I ran too far past the dog, and that’s why I (or my Mii) got tripped.

    I will try again today to pass the Mii guide but not pass the dog, and see where it takes me!

    Thank you again for letting us know about this! If you have any other tips, please share! 🙂

    Happy Running! 🙂

  5. 6

    bb said,

    Oh, yeah if you are running at an uneven pace when you pass you can trip, but as long as you get past the mii your dog will wait. Once you are following the dog, if you hear one come up behind you and bark then you can follow that dog and it takes you somewhere else. My 4yr old actually discovered this because she didnt want to follow the “purple girl” so she ran past and said I want to be the dog!
    I’ve done it on short, long and island lap.

  6. 7

    wiiscoop said,

    I just tried it today! Thank you so much! I just posted a new blog entry about your tip for others to see, in case they miss it here.

    I agree with your daughter–the dog is much more fun to follow! 🙂

  7. 8

    D.d. said,

    I am wondering if anyone knows how far away from the console you can get with your remote. my treadmill is on another floor of our home, and I was thinking of walking/jogging on the treadmill during the free run using my wii.


  8. 9

    wiiscoop said,

    Hi D.d.!

    As long as your are in the same room as the Wii console, you’ll be fine. I don’t think it will work if you are in another room. I tried to go into my kitchen, which is right next to my living room, and it didn’t work.

    I do wish they’d change that. In the meantime, I’ll be catching up on some Tivo as I jog in place. 🙂

  9. 10

    […] the secret to get to run different paths in wii fit.  (Copied 3rd comment down on this page) Yes, if you pass your mii guide when a dog comes up behind you it takes you on a different […]

  10. 11

    Isabel said,

    Yes, but is there a way to go on different paths when you are doing the free run??? I agree, chasing the dog is a lot more fun and my daughter discovered it also. I guess because she has not been taught to conform yet. LOL.

  11. 12

    Beverly Scott said,

    I have unlocked everything in the game except the free run. My 6-year-old daughter though with less than an hour of play has unlocked it. Do you know the specifics as to how to unlock this feature? I’ve tried all the distance runs, etc. Do I need a specific score?

  12. 13

    Beverly Scott said,

    I just found it! How to Unlock: Complete Basic Run 6 Times. 🙂

  13. 14

    Savannah said,

    I feel very blonde right now. How do i get to your other blogs?

  14. 15

    Chadman said,

    My wife and I are trying to make Wii Fit part of our weekly exercise regimen; it is part of our new years resolution!

  15. 16

    Good news! I unlocked Wii Free Step, but haven’t really gotten the hang of using it – & hearing the metronome – while watching another show. Maybe the Free Run would be a better fit. Or maybe it also depends what show you try to watch: Nothing with an intense, think-y plot or lots of dialogue, but an HGTV or What Not To Wear type show might be good. Thanks for the tips!

  16. 17

    Daniel said,

    Wii is Fantastic, I loss 7 punds in 21 days, for me that’s amazing, I’m expecting to loss 20 in 50 days…!

  17. 18

    julie said,

    I love Wii Fit, I’ve been using it for nearly 3 weeks and am feeling so good!!! I love the step the most and wish there was even more challenging steps, does anyone know of another Wii program for just step?

    I like the other activities. The free run is good. Yesterday I put it on, put the remote in my pocket and jogged all over the house. I picked up the laundry, jogged downstairs, put the laundry in, went on the treadmill, then continued jogging around the house. I love that I can move around, it is not boring!!

    Good luck everyone!!!

  18. 19

    MGMii said,

    I’m so glad I found this blog. My husband and I have made Wii Fit a nightly thing and have been using it for almost a month. I just did the Island Lap for the first time tonight and was wondering if anyone knows the distance for each run (short, long and island lap). Also, how does the burn rate translate? I got a 419% burn rate, but what does it really mean?

    Thanks and happy Wii-ing

  19. 20

    Rach said,

    I have been doing the free run for a while now, and I can’t seem to get 4 stars. I run the 30 minutes and usually go about 6 miles. Do you know the secret for getting a higher score?

  20. 22

    cheri said,

    We just got the wii fit a week ago and I have been doing the free run for 5 days. The first day I did a 10 min run, the next day I did a 10 min and a 20 min later on and the 3rd day starting doing a 30 min run each time. I have gotten 4 stars every time. On my 30 min runs I am getting 11-12 wii miles-whatever that really means in real life. A 4-5 mile run in an hour for athletes is good. I don’t know what the real mileage is. I think the trick is to run faster, just don’t run too fast or it will trip you. I just got done doing a 30 min run, felt like I was running at a good pace but got tripped 12 times. I ended up with 11.4 miles. My experience on the other runs is that you get tripped for running too fast but if you pass the person or dog in front of you it will stop you at some point and make you wait till they catch up to you without tripping yo

  21. 23

    Tom said,

    Does anybody know how the Wii miles you run on the free run correlate to real miles? My seven year old son ran 5.5 Wii miles in 30 minutes. I am just wanting to give him an idea of how far he ran in real distance.

  22. 24

    Laura said,

    Was just wondering if anyone knows how far you have to run on the 30min run to reach 5 stars?

  23. 25

    jayne said,

    thanks for all the mega helpful info I have just started doing the free run and i love it, i am 7 months pregnant at the mo and desperatly trying to learn to run so when baby arrives i can hit the tarmac and well this seemed a good place to start! Can anyone tell me what the m stands for as it seems alot i just did 2840m in 10 mins ?????
    i find to cure the bordom I do a 2 mins steady run then sprint well the mii does i just move my feet really fast lol for a min then back to joggin ….
    thanks again for the info it has been really helpful …going to try 15 mins tommorow 😉

  24. 26

    bekki said,

    hiya ppl!!

    im 13 yrs old and me n me dad love free runnin but…..
    how da hell do u go in diff places?????

    lots of ppl keep on sayin about runnin past ur trainer
    but u kinda dont hve a trainer!

    plz can some1 hlp me ?


  25. 27

    kelly said,

    is there a wii to real miles formula. I am running an 8 minute wii mile, what might that really be in life!!

  26. 28

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  27. 29

    barb said,

    on the free run for 10 minutes , how do you how far you have run. It says mi. which cannot be miles. Mine wa 2 mi in 10 minutes.

  28. 30

    Colpi said,

    Pretty sure m = meters not miles

    Also does any one know how much you have to do to get 5 stars ??
    I ran 10,000 today and am still stuck on 4 and would really like to get to five !

  29. 31

    My friend swear he got 4 starts but he tends to make crap up lol. I cant wait to prove him wrong.

  30. 32

    Lisa said,

    Can anyone explain how the Burn rate works? I keep getting around 37-40% only, no matter how steady my pace is. When I try to go faster, I pass my Mii guide. Or is that the trick to being able to go faster? Any help in understanding the burn rate would be much appreciated, as I usually work up a good sweat doing this, but the burn rate % is VERY disheartening!

  31. 33

    Anonymous said,

    there is no correlation between wii miles and actual miles. I can run over 7 mi per 30 min in free run and keep the same pace on my treadmill and only get 4.5 real miles. that also applies to how many calories you burn up. In a free run like this you burn less calories than in an actual run If you have a treadmill hop on that while doing a wii free run and see how much of a difference there really is.

  32. 34

    cathie campbell said,

    i have been using my wi for months and have been running round the island lap for most of it but still have not released the free run is there anything specifice you have to do

  33. 35

    Yes! Finally someone writes about how do you get wii points for free.

  34. 36

    Hi there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok. I’m
    absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

  35. 37

    Kathy said,

    I use my treadmill on free run. I feel I get a really good work out. Jogging in place is so hard on my knees.

  36. 38

    Anonymous said,

    but how do you switch to a new channel?

  37. 39

    Rick said,

    The Wii uses metres where 1600 metres is 1 mile, so 8000 metres (or 8 kilometres) is 5 miles.
    The basic-run gives you points for pacing your guide. You can change to a dog guide that will take you on a different path if you start following it as it passes you. Different color dogs take different paths.
    The free-run gives points for distance only.
    I would give good money for someone to write a patch that would allow me to run anywhere on the island while keeping track of my distance and time.

  38. 40

    Ahh! Endlich einen hilfreichen Beitrag zu diesem Thema gefunden! Vielen lieben Dank! 🙂

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