The Wii Fit…Nintendo’s Best Yet!

Hey Wii buddies!

I have spent twenty minutes playing the new Wii Fit, and let me tell you, it’s simply amazing. I am going to play some more, but just had to get back and let you all of you know how wonderful it is—plus some tips I’ve already learned.

The Wii Fit game that comes with the Wii fit board features four exercise categories:

1.       Yoga

2.       Strength Training

3.       Aerobic

4.       Balance Games

All of the activities and games help you improve your fitness level. And, let me tell you—it is so much fun!

In the coming days, I’ll be blogging about all of the cool features of the Wii Fit, plus talking about some my favorite (and not so favorite) Wii games.  I’ll have tips for taking care of your Wii console, remotes, games, and accessories.

I can’t wait to read your comments and blogs, and look forward to sharing our Wii experiences!

My first experience on the Wii fit was with the Wii running game….coming next on the Wii Scoop blog!


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